Vesatolimod GS9620 CAS: 1228585-88-3 HIV, hepatitis B, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

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1. English name: Vesatolimod

Code: GS9620
CAS: 1228585-88-3
Indications: HIV, hepatitis B, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
Development stage: Phase 2
vesatolimod was shown to reverse the latent state and reduce viral reservoir size in monkey immunodeficiency virus (SIV)-infected rhesus monkeys on antiretroviral therapy and has been subjected to multiple clinical trials to evaluate its therapeutic efficacy in hiv-infected individuals on antiretroviral therapy, and was generally well-tolerated, with the expected immune activation; however, no direct effect was observed on the direct effect on virologic markers.

2. English name: Selgantolimod
Code: GS9688
CAS: 2004677-13-6 

Gilead investigational drug 2023

3. English name: Quemliclustat
Code name: AB680
CAS: 2105904-82-1

4. English name: Edecesertib
Code: GS5718
CAS: 2408839-73-4
Indications: Cutaneous lupus erythematosus
Development stage: Phase 2

5. English name: Tilpisertib fosmecarbil
Code: H1W0G02O9T
CAS: 2567459-64-5
Indications: Ulcerative colitis
Development stage: Phase 2 (terminated)