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Semaglutide is expected to treat alcohol and tobacco addiction! Users observed attenuation of multip

Unlocking the Secrets of Radiant Skin

What is the difference between Somalutin Ozempic (injection) and Rybelsus (tablet)?

IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor 1)

our peptides factory and lab laboratory manufacturer introduce


Sustanon 250 Injection


The best 7 Racetams Nootropics


NBA Embraces Cannabis

Cannabinoid Shipment In The EU: Can You Ship CBD Products And Which Carrier Will Ship Them?

Industry News

Enavogliflozin, a New Type 2 Diabetes Drug in Development CAS:1415472-28-4 DWP16001, GCC5694A

The anxiolytic mechanism of dexmedetomidine may provide an important theoretical basis and target fo

Different strategies for preventing women's depression, dementia

Vorapaxar 618385-01-6: A Paradigm Shift in Cardiovascular Thrombotic Event Prevention

A New Horizon in Glioma Therapy: Unveiling the Potential of Vorasidenib 1644545-52-7

Puma New Drug Alisertib 1028486-01-2

Immune Cells in the Obesogenic Environment

A Paradigm Shift in Targeted Therapy for HR+/HER2- Advanced Breast Cancer

Understanding and Addressing Depression in the Elderly: A Comprehensive Overview

NE3107: Unveiling a New Horizon in Alzheimer's Disease Therapy

Company News

Talk about hemp CBD and THC

GSK new drug camlipixant BLU5937 CAS 1621164-74-6

Vamorolone, a new drug in development

Lemon Tek: A Fresh Approach to Consuming Magic Mushrooms

A biotech that developed "psychedelics LSD " has seen its market value evaporate by 64%.

"Instant Sleep" or Health Red Light Signal! Pitolisant might be able to pull patients with narcolepsy out of the abyss of deep sleep

Triptorelin (CAS number: 140194-24-7) crizotinib

CAS: 2023788-19-2 Tirzepatide

Otsuka Pharmaceutical's (Otsuka) ponatinib tablet (ponatinib) marketing application was accepted by the State Drug Administration.

Voxelotor, a drug for sickle cell disease

Industry News

Obeldesivir, Q55KCM7PXB, ATV006, CAS 2647441-36-7 for COVID-19

Anti-cancer drug Taletrectinib CAS: 1505515-69-4, DS-6051b, Non-small cell lung cancer, solid solid tumors

New Drug Fulzerasib, IBI351, GFH925, CAS:2641747-54-6

Sunvozertinib for Non-small cell lung cancer CAS 2370013-12-8

New Merck drug Nemtabrutinib, CAS: 2095393-15-8, ARQ531, MK1026

Roche New Drug linvencorvir CAS 1808248-05-6 for Hepatitis B

Major Depression Drug: aticaprant CAS 1174130-61-0

Melanoma and therapeutic drugs

Galactosemia therapeutic drug govorestat AT-007 CAS No.: 2170729-29-8

New anti-cancer drug: tomivosertib, EFT-508. CAS: 1849590-01-7

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